Tibor Bartfay Prize

The Tibor Bartfay Prize is awarded by the ART.EAST Foundation for art and artistic creation, for the promotion of fine arts and international art festivals in Snina, for the promotion of the Andrej Smolak Gallery projects. The prize is awarded regularly since 2008.



The author of the statue, allegory of the Cirocha River, which flows through the native village of Andrej Smolák, is Tibor Bartfay himself.

Awarding of prizes is decided by the Management Board of the ART. EAST Foundation always on a proposal of the Tibor Bartfay Prize Committee.  The award of the prize may also be proposed by a third party.

The Nominating Committee is approved every year by the Management Board of the Foundation on the proposal of its members.



sculptor Tibor Bartfay, Honorary Chairman

JUDr. Dušan Roll, Chairman of the Festival Committee

JUDr. Iveta Bžánová, Chair of the Board of the Foundation

painter Peter Stronsky, President of the International Academy of Culture and Art in Moscow

painter Marian Jarzemski, professor of Jan Dlugosz Academy in Częstochowa, Poland

Mgr. Dušan Mikolaj, journalist and writer

painter Jarmila Veľká, fine artist

PhDr. Emil Semanco, artist and columnist, Bratislava, Slovakia

Elena Arnaudová, Director of the Bulgarian cultural Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia

sculptor Marek Žitňan

Mgr. Július Klein, Director of the State Philharmonic Orchestra Košice, Slovakia

painter Marián Prešnajder, fine artis, Bratislava, Slovakia

painter Andrej Smolák, Manager of the ART. EAST Foundation

TIBOR BARTFAY                                                                                           SLOVAKIA

(1922, Nitra – 2015, Bratislava), sculptor, honorary citizen of the city of Snina.

He studied on the Fine Arts Academy in Budapest (1940-43) and on the Academy of fine arts in Prague (1945-49).

He belonged among the world's most recognized representatives of contemporary art. His was dealing with chamber plastics and creation of monuments.

His best-known works include sculpture on Slavín, Ľudovít Štúr statuary, Hiroshima, Pegas, Golden Fleece, Marina, The Last Witch, H. CH. Andersen, A. Matuška and J. Smrek torsos and other works. He was also known as the creator of cycles of imaginary-realistic collages.

In 2006 he published an autobiographical book, A Thousand and one woman of the sculptor Tibor Bartfay.

His artwork was also presented in the Andrej Smolak Gallery in Snina. He was the Honorary Chairman of the International Festival of Fine Art in the Andrej Smolak Gallery in Snina.

In a long term, he worked in Bratislava, where he died in 2015.


PhotoYear of awardFirst and last nameCity, CountryOccupationSubject of the award
Zufar Gimajev,  20162016Zufar GimajevKazan, Tatarstanartistfor artistic creation
2016 2016Three Stones StudioBratislava, Slovakiafor artistic creation
2015 2015Jarmila Veľká Bratislava, Slovakiaartistfor artistic creation
Peter Chudík,  20152015Peter ChudíkPrešov, SlovakiaPresident of the Prešov Self-Governing Regionfor the support and development of culture in the Prešov region
Fatima Al Obaidi, 20142014Fatima Al Obaidi Kirkuk, Iraqartistfor artistic creation
Štefan Milovčík, 20142014Štefan Milovčík Snina, SlovakiaMayor of Sninafor the promotion of fine arts and projects of the Andrej Smolak Gallery
Milan Koškovský, 20132013Milan Koškovský Brno, Czechiaentrepreneurfor the promotion of fine arts and projects of the Andrej Smolak Gallery
Vlastimil Koiš, 20132013
(awarded posthumously)
Vlastimil Koiš Ružomberok, Slovakiaentrepreneurfor the promotion of fine arts and projects of the Andrej Smolak Gallery
Emil Semanko 022013Emil Semanco Bratislava, Slovakiaartist and journalistfor artistic work and social commitment
Smolak Miro 2013Miro Smolák Prague, Czechiagallery manager and entrepreneurfor the promotion of fine arts in an international context
Peter Stronsky2012Peter Stronský Moscow, Russiaartistfor artistic work and social commitment
2011Dušan Brečka Snina, Slovakiaentrepreneur and philanthropistfor the support of fine art and collectible action
Radomír Bžán 2010Radomír Bžán Bratislava, Slovakiaattorneyfor the promotion of fine arts
Marek Žitňan 2009Marek Žitňan Bratislava, Slovakiasculptorfor articles artistic creation
Rudolf Čižmárik
(awarded posthumously)
Rudolf Čižmárik Bratislava, Slovakiawriterfor art