About us

                  The ART. EAST Foundation was founded in 1998 as the MIRO Foundation. Its founder and administrator is academic painter Andrej Smolák. The MIRO Foundation MIRO was in 2006 renamed to ART. EAST Foundation. Its aim is to support creation of artworks and its promotion at home and abroad, organization of exhibitions, symposia, sessions, building of exhibition showrooms and galleries . . . .Read more

                  We invite you to the exhibition of artist from Belarus - Anatoly Kontsub: Journey with an angel,  which is being held in Andrej Smolak Gallery in Bratislava to November 29th 2017. More on: www.galeriaas.sk.

                  Why support us?

                  • to promote the development of the talents of elementary art schools
                  • to promote the students of fine arts
                  • to promote publishing of monographs and books on the visual art
                  • to enable the implementation of fine art projects
                  • to grant creative scholarships to authors 
                  • works of lasting value will arise 
                  • the resulting paintings will be donated to charity

                  ART.EAST FOUNDATION

                  ČESKÁ 2628/9, 069 01 SNINA, Slovakia

                  IČO: 36 163 601

                  DIČ: 2021542732

                  IBAN: SK2209000000000461108604

                  SWIFT: GIBASKBX


                  You can support us by 2% of your taxes withheld, or by sending any amount directly to the above account or through PayPal ....Read more