Gallery of monumental sculptures


The idea to create a Gallery of monumental sculptures in the most Eastern part of Slovakia was bought to life by a painter and a gallerist - Andrej Smolák.

During the 8th International Fine Art Festival on September 15, 2001 this idea emerged into a meeting of fine artists from various countries, 120 journalists, members of the Slovak Journalists Syndicate, nature protectors and inhabitants of the municipalities of Nová Sedlica and Zboj at the Medová baba Meadow. The participants adopted a common declaration. The declaration is written in the Chronicle of the local association of nature protectors.

Artworks - monumental sculptures will reflect historic circumstances, legends, personalities, culture, fauna and flora and other society-related activities of its final location. The sculptures will be created by artists from various countries of the world.

The main sculpture or a statuary THE SLAVS will be situated on the top of the Kremenec mountain. The objective of building up this gallery under the skies on the symbols of three nations that coexist in peace is to call for peace for the whole mankind.

The project will be undertaken and financed by ART.EAST Foundation with support of many entrepreneurs, international foundations, companies, banks etc.

The Gallery will be a unique one also since it will create great opportunities for tourism and will generate profits. The deadline for the building of the gallery has not been established and it may span across the upcoming generations.

The first statue of the monumental sculpture artworks gallery Honey lady, in Slovakia, created by the sculptor Marek Žitňan, was revealed on September 15, 2002, exactly one year from the announcement of the project.

In Podhoroď village is planned a sculpture "Pagan girl” “A Girl with Duck-like Legs"PDF
A sculpture of the Israeli sculptor Miriam Gamburd is projected above the Starina dam"Wings of Hope"PDF
In Príslop will be located a sculpture based on the legend"Serpent Man"PDF
On Karcaba should be sitting "Did Beskyd"did beskyd 02PDF